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Thomas K. Chenal, Chairman Siting Committee

DCR Transmission, LLC


Line-Siting Notice of Hearing

Line-Siting Notice of Hearing

Docket Number Filed Company Name Type Description Docket Details
L-21088A-19-0309-00185 12/9/2019 DCR Transmission, L.L.C. (Ten West Link Project) Line Extension In the matter of the application of DCR Transmission, LLC or its assignees, in conformance with the requirements of A.R.S. § 40-360 et. seq., for a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility authorizing the 500 kV transmission line, which includes the construction of a new 125 mile kV transmission line between Arizona Public Service Company's Delaney substation until Southern California Edison's Colorado River substation, to be referred to as the Ten West Link Project.

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