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Saddlebrooke Utility Company





In the matter of the application of Saddlebrooke Utility Company, an Arizona Corporation, for a determination of the fair value of its utility plant and property and for the setting of rates and charges for wastewater utility service based thereon.


Filing Date
Description Filed By Filed For Document Details PDF
9/21/2020 Procedural Order - Sets Miscellaneous Filing Dates Julia L. Matter, Administrative Law Judge Hearing Division
9/18/2020 Sufficiency Letter Gerald Becker, Chief Accounting Administrator Utilities Division
9/11/2020 Notice of Errata Jay L. Shapiro, Atty. SaddleBrooke Utility Company
8/26/2020 Procedural Order - Regarding Consent to Email Service Julia L. Matter, Administrative Law Judge Hearing Division
8/21/2020 Application - Rates Jay L. Shapiro, Atty. SaddleBrooke Utility Company

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Case Staff
Name Area Assigned
Julia Matter Hearing 8/26/2020
Bridget Humphrey Legal Division 8/26/2020
Gerrick Adams Utilities Division 8/31/2020
Luis Carranza Utilities Division 8/31/2020
Al Amezcua Utilities Division 8/31/2020
Mackenzie Salomonson Utilities Division 8/31/2020
Sujana Attaluri Utilities Division 8/31/2020
Entity Representative Address Date Added Email Email Opt-in
Utilities Division
Robin Mitchell
Arizona Corporation Commission
Director/Chief Counsel, Legal Division
1200 West Washington St.
Legal Division
Phoenix, AZ 85007
8/21/2020 legaldiv@azcc.gov
Saddlebrooke Utility Company
Jay Shapiro
Shapiro Law Firm, P.C.
1819 E. Morten Ave.
Suite 280
Phoenix, AZ 85020
8/21/2020 jay@shapslawaz.com

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