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Global Water - Picacho Cove Water Company, LLC


Extension of Territory



In the matter of the application of Global Water-Picacho Cove Water Company, Inc. for an extension of its certificate of convenience and necessity.


Filing Date
Description Filed By Filed For Document Details PDF
6/29/2020 Procedural Order - Regarding Consent to Email Service Belinda A. Martin, Administrative Law Judge Hearing Division
6/26/2020 Motion/Request to Consolidate Timothy J. Sabo Global Water Resources, Inc.
6/24/2020 Application - Extension of a CC&N Timothy J. Sabo, Atty. Global Water - Picacho Cove Water Company, Inc.

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Case Staff
Name Area Assigned
Antonio Arias Legal Division 6/25/2020
Blessing Chukwu Utilities Division 7/1/2020
Lori Miller Utilities Division 7/1/2020
Frank Smaila Utilities Division 7/1/2020
Mackenzie Salomonson Utilities Division 7/1/2020
Roxanne Best Utilities Division 7/1/2020
Belinda Martin Hearing 7/6/2020
Representative Address Date Added Email Email Opt-in
Robin Mitchell
Arizona Corporation Commission
Director & Chief Counsel - Legal Division
1200 West Washington St.
Legal Division
Phoenix, AZ 85007
6/24/2020 legaldiv@azcc.gov
Timothy Sabo
Global Water Resources, Inc.
21410 N 19th Ave
Ste 220
Phoenix, AZ 85027-2738
6/24/2020 tim.sabo@gwresources.com

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