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Citizens Utilities Rural Company, Inc.


Joint Application



In the matter of the Joint Application of Frontier Communications Corporation, Citizens Utilities Rural Company, Inc., Navajo Communications Company Inc., Citizens Telecommunications Company of the White Mountains, Inc., Frontier Communications of America, Inc., Frontier Communications of the Southwest, Inc., and Frontier Online and Long Distance Inc. for Waiver of A.A.C. R14-2-803 or, in the Alternative for Approval of Reorganization Associated with Joint Plan of Reorganization of Frontier Communications Corporation and its Debtor Affiliates Pursuant to Chapter 11.


Filing Date
Description Filed By Filed For Document Details PDF
6/1/2020 Motion/Request to Consolidate Charles Carrathers and Michael W. Patten, Atty. Citizens Utilities Rural Company, Inc.
5/21/2020 Application - Agreement Michael W. Patten, Atty. and Charles Carrathers, Atty. Citizens Utilities Rural Company, Inc.

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Case Staff
Name Area Assigned
Maureen Scott Legal Division 5/22/2020
Jane Rodda Hearing 5/26/2020
Jennifer Bennett Utilities Division 5/29/2020
Matthew Connolly Utilities Division 5/29/2020
Representative Address Date Added Email Email Opt-in
Charles Carrathers
Frontier Communications
2560 Teller Road
Newbury Park, CA 91320
Robin Mitchell
Arizona Corporation Commission
Director & Chief Counsel - Legal Division
1200 West Washington St.
Legal Division
Phoenix, AZ 85007
5/21/2020 legaldiv@azcc.gov
Michael Patten
400 East Van Buren
Phoenix, AZ 85004
5/21/2020 mpatten@swlaw.com

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