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Airespring, Inc.





In the matter of the Application of Airespring, Inc. for Rescission of Bond/ ILOC Requirement Contained in Arizona Corporation Commission Decision No 67814 .


Filing Date
Description Filed By Filed For Document Details PDF
5/28/2020 Procedural Order - Directing the Administrative Closure of the Docket Sarah N. Harpring, Assistant Chief Administrative Law Judge Hearing Division
5/18/2020 Motion/Request to Withdraw an Application/Filings Mark Lammert Airespring, Inc.
5/11/2020 Application - Opens Case Mark Lammert Airespring, Inc.

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Case Staff
Name Area Assigned
Antonio Arias Legal Division 5/20/2020
Matthew Connolly Utilities Division 5/21/2020
Nallely Pena Utilities Division 5/21/2020
Representative Address Date Added Email Email Opt-in
Mark Lammert
242 Rangeline Road
Longwood, FL 32750
Robin Mitchell
Arizona Corporation Commission
Director & Chief Counsel - Legal Division
1200 West Washington St.
Legal Division
Phoenix, AZ 85007
5/11/2020 legaldiv@azcc.gov

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