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ACC- All Utilities

ACC Administrative Actions / Commission




In the matter of the Generic investigation into cyber threats to critical infrastructure and data.


Filing Date
Description Filed By Filed For Document Details PDF
9/21/2020 Correspondence from Commissioner/s Commissioner Boyd Dunn
9/18/2020 Correspondence from Commissioner/s Robert L. Burns, Chairman
9/4/2020 Correspondence from Commissioner/s Robert L. Burns, Chairman
8/28/2020 Correspondence from Commissioner/s Lea Márquez Peterson, Commissioner
3/24/2020 Response Wendy Barnett Bermuda Water Company
3/12/2020 Response Sharon Thomas Talk America Services, LLC
3/11/2020 Procedural Order - Miscellaneous Jane L. Rodda, Chief Administrative Law Judge Hearing Division
3/5/2020 Motion/Request to Withdraw an Application/Filings Craig A. Marks, Atty. South Central Utah Telephone Association, Inc.
3/2/2020 Response Nicole Winters, Atty. Windstream Communications, LLC; et al.
3/2/2020 Response Rick Volk Accipiter Communications Inc
3/2/2020 Response Alex Valencia Matrix Telecom, LLC.
3/2/2020 Response Alex Valencia Lingo Communications North, LLC.
3/2/2020 Response Roy Archer Ajo Improvement Company and Morenci Water & Electric
2/28/2020 Response Sharon Thomas ACN Communication Services, LLC
2/28/2020 Response Carey Roesel Custom Network Solutions, Inc.
2/28/2020 Response Lisa Sichler BullsEye Telecom, Inc.
2/28/2020 Response Sharon R. Warren Pay Tel Communications, Inc.
2/28/2020 Response Michael S. J. Lozich Securus Technologies, Inc.
2/28/2020 Response Sharon R. Warren Inmate Calling Solutions, LLC
2/28/2020 Response Lisa Jill Freeman Bandwidth.com CLEC, LLC
2/28/2020 Response Carey Roesel Fusion Cloud Services, LLC
2/28/2020 Response Geoff Caron Sahuarita Water Company, LLC
2/28/2020 Response Sharon Mullin AT&T Corp. and Teleport Communications America, LLC
2/28/2020 Response Giselle De la Garza Torres ENA Healthcare Services, LLC
2/28/2020 Response Craig A. Marks, Atty. Arizona Local Exchange Carriers Association
2/28/2020 Response Joanne Ellsworth Global Water Resources, Inc.
2/28/2020 Response Joan S. Burke, Atty. Charter Communications, Inc.
2/28/2020 Response Ronald W. Del Sesto, Atty. INTELIQUENT
2/28/2020 Response Mark Lammert AccessLine Communications Corporation
2/28/2020 Response Lauren A. Ferrigni, Atty. Qwest Corporation d/b/a CenturyLink QC
2/28/2020 Response Jason D. Gellman, Atty. EPCOR Water Arizona Inc.
2/28/2020 Response Connie Wightman Conterra Ultra Broadband, LLC
2/28/2020 Response Rodney J. Ross Arizona Public Service Company
2/28/2020 Response Matthew D. Derr Southwest Gas Corporation
2/28/2020 Response Whitney Birk Liberty Utilities
2/28/2020 Response Nick Gudovic Big Park Water Company
2/28/2020 Response Kelly M. Hauert Arizona Water Company
2/27/2020 Response Carey Roesel Wide Voice, LLC
2/27/2020 Response Joseph O'Keeffe TransWorld Network, Corp.
2/27/2020 Response Cathy Kuefler Avra Water Co-op, Inc.
2/27/2020 Response Mark E. Brown Comcast Phone of Arizona, LLC
2/27/2020 Response Mark DiNunzio Cox Arizona Telcom, L.L.C.
2/26/2020 Response Scott W. Gray Diversified Water Utilities, Inc.
2/26/2020 Response Connie Wightman WANRack, LLC
2/26/2020 Response Melodee R. Loyer Farmers Water Co.
2/26/2020 Response Connie Wightman West Telecom Services, LLC
2/26/2020 Response Charles Forst Zayo Group, LLC
2/26/2020 Response Carl E. Erhart Frontier Communications
2/26/2020 Response Dave Lock Grand Canyon State Electric Cooperative Association, Inc.
2/26/2020 Response Morgan Stoll Tucson Electric Power, UNS Electric, Inc., and UNS Gas, Inc.
2/25/2020 Response Sharon R. Warren Legacy Long Distance International, Inc.
2/25/2020 Response Sharon R. Warren Crown Correctional Telephone, Inc.
2/24/2020 Response Sharon Thomas West Safety Communications, Inc.
2/21/2020 Response Sharon R. Warren Correct Solutions, LLC
2/21/2020 Response Sharon R. Warren Talton Communications, Inc.
2/21/2020 Response Sharon R. Warren Network Communications International Corp.
2/19/2020 Response Jeffrey E. Lewis, Atty. Alliant Gas, LLC
2/19/2020 Response Jeffrey E. Lewis, Atty. Alliant Gas, LLC
2/18/2020 Response Josh Tietjen Reliance Connects
2/18/2020 Response Sharon Thomas YMax Communications Corp.
2/18/2020 Response Sharon Thomas MAGICJACK SMB, INC.
2/18/2020 Response Sharon Thomas X2 Comm, Inc.
2/14/2020 Response Arturo Gabaldon Community Water Company of Green Valley
2/10/2020 Response Robert Cleary 800 Response Information Services, LLC
2/7/2020 Response Jackson Springs Estates Home and Property Owners Assoc.
2/7/2020 Notice of Filing - Miscellaneous Sharon Thomas Voxbeam Telecommunications Inc.
1/31/2020 Response Ponderosa Utility Corporation
1/15/2020 Application - Opened by Memorandum Elijah O. Abinah, Director Utilities Division
1/15/2020 Correspondence from Commissioner/s Sandra D. Kennedy, Commissioner

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Case Staff
Name Area Assigned
Jane Rodda Hearing 1/17/2020
Antonio Arias Legal Division 1/21/2020
Chukwunonso Chidebell-Emordi Utilities Division 2/4/2020

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