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Patrick J. Black and Lawrence V. Robertson, Jr.

Freeport Minerals Corporation and Arizonans for Electric Choice and Competition and Solutions, LLC Constellation New Energy, Inc. and Direct Energy, Inc.


Pre-Filed Testimony

Pre-Filed Testimony

Kevin C. Higgins, Direct Testimony (Rate Design)
Docket Number Filed Company Name Type Description Docket Details
E-01345A-16-0123 4/11/2016 Arizona Public Service Company Generic In the matter of Fuel and Purchased Power Procurement Audits for Arizona Public Service Company.
E-01345A-16-0036 1/29/2016 Arizona Public Service Company Rates In the matter of the application of Arizona Public Service Company for a hearing to determine the fair value of the utility property of the company for ratemaking purposes, to fix a just and reasonable rate of return thereon, to approve rate schedules designed to develop such return.

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