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eDocket Subscription Service
The eDocket Subscription Service has been introduced as a way for users to subscribe to dockets of interest. The service has been implemented using RSS, a proven technology for distributing information over the Internet. Subscribing to a docket automatically informs the subscriber of docket status changes, CC&N status changes, new document filings (including decisions), and the scheduling information of key docket events that appear in the eDocket Calendar.
Clicking on the RSS icon  will navigate to the eDocket Subscription Service. The eDocket Subscription Service can be accessed in a few ways.
  • From the home page, a hyperlink will take the user to a listing of recently created docket feeds. From this listing, a user can navigate to a docket of interest. In addition, users can subscribe to this listing so they can be informed whenever new dockets are added to the database.
  • From the docket search results data grid. An RSS icon appears in each row of the data grid, and clicking on the icon will take the user to the RSS feed for the docket of interest.
  • From the docket record page. An RSS icon appears at the top of the Docket record screen, and clicking on the icon will take the user to the RSS feed for that docket.

Once a user is on the RSS feed page for a docket of interest, clicking on the “Subscribe to this feed” hyperlink will invoke a dialog box:


 Click the “Subscribe” button will add that feed to the user’s browser’s RSS feeds. In addition, if the user has Microsoft Outlook 2007, the feed will be added there as well – in effect, this gives an Outlook 2007 user email notifications.