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eDocket Frequently Asked Questions

DISCLAIMER:  The Arizona Corporation Commission makes this material available on the internet as a public service. Any material provided in this website is provided solely for informational purposes. None of this website's content - including but not limited to the FAQs and any documents - comprise the official record of any of the dockets or of the Commission and no express or implied warranties are provided here. While the Arizona Corporation Commission makes best efforts to ensure that the content of this site is accurate and current, it makes no claims, guarantees or promises about the accuracy, currency or completeness of the information and is not responsible for any errors or omissions, or for results obtained from any search used from this website.

Furthermore, copies or printed versions of any of the documents contained on this website are not represented to be official documents. If any discrepancy should exist between a version of a document on the website and the official version, the official version shall govern. Official documents can be obtained by directly contacting the Arizona Corporation Commission's Docket Control office.

  • What is the eDocket system?

    eDocket is an electronic docket information management system accessible via the web.

  • What can I do with eDocket?

    v  Search dockets and view & print filed documents in open and closed cases

    v  Monitor Dockets using the eDocket Subscription Service

    v  Find and view ACC Calendar events

    v  Run reports on Pending Matters, Decisions, New Applications, and Filings.

  • What are the minimum system requirements for effectively using eDocket?

    The eDocket web site was designed and tested using Internet Explorer 6.0. This site recommends that your web browser be IE 6.0 or higher. You can check your browser version by choosing "Help", and then the "About" option in your browser.  Also, you must have Adobe Acrobat version 7 to print PDF format documents and reports.

  • What do the numbers in a docket number represent?

    A docket number has six (6) elements.  The five-digit field at the end of the docket number is used for line siting dockets ONLY.  Refer to the following example:

    T - 01234 A - 02 - 0021 - XXXXX
    1 2 3 4 5 6

    1. Prefix: The "T" designates a telecommunications case.
    2. Company Number: The "01234" designates the company number unique to a specific company.
    3. Division: The "A" designates the specific division.
    4. Year: The "02" designates the year the case was filed/opened. For example, this case was filed/opened in 2002.
    5. Matter Number: The "0021" designates the unique identifying matter number assigned to this docket when the docket was opened.
    6. Line Siting Case Number: The extra 5-digit field is used for line siting "L" dockets ONLY.

  • What are the search options in eDocket?

    The primary search options in eDocket are:
    • QuickSearch
    • Company/DBA Name
    • Docket Number
    • Docket Detail
    • Document Detail
    • Document Full Text  Search [Currently Off-Line]
    • Decision Number
    • Event Detail

  • Is historical information available?

    We continue to expand the historical information available on eDocket. Documents not available on eDocket are on microfilm in the Docket Control office and can be viewed during regular operating hours.

  • Can I do a search for a specific Decision?

    Yes.  Please go to the "Decision Number" search feature.  Decisions prior to 1999 will be on microfilm.

  • Can I perform a full text search using key words and/or phrases?

    No, not at this time.  This will be a future enhancement.

  • Can I search for a hearing date/time/location?

    Yes.  Please see the "Calendar" feature or use the "Event Detail" search feature.

  • What images are available on eDocket?

    Docket Control scans all docketed filings within 24 hours of receipt excluding weekends and holidays. In most cases they will be available sooner.  Decisions dating back to 1999 are available.  We continue to expand the historical information.

  • How do I print a single page within a document OR an entire document?

    There are two ways to print images from eDocket.

    PRINT A SINGLE PAGE OR SERIES OF PAGES:   Open the image by clicking on "View Image".  The default built into the system will automatically show you the first page of the document.  To view the entire document select the "All" button located in the center of the page at the top of the document image screen.  Click on "O.K." and the entire document will be downloaded for your review. 

    In order to print one particular page within the document (for example: page 3) go to the top center of the image screen and enter 3-3 and click the "O.K." button and lastly, click the "Print Image" button at the far right.  

    PRINT AN ENTIRE DOCUMENT:  Open the image by clicking on "View Image".  Select the "All" button located in the center of the page at the top of the document image screen.  Click on "O.K." and then, "Print Image”.

    Documents are converted to PDF nightly. 

    PRINT A SINGLE PAGE, SERIES OF PAGES, OR ENTIRE DOCUMENT:   Open the image by clicking on "View PDF".  This will show you the first page of the entire document.  You can use the right scroll bar to view subsequent pages.  The Printer Icon will be displayed on the tool bar.  By clicking on it you will display the Print screen, which displays a number of options.  Click the one you need (default is All – the entire document) and click the print button.

  • Can I file documents electronically?

    No.  The ACC does not currently accept filings by electronic transmission.  This will be a future enhancement.

  • When and where are filings accepted?

    Docket Control is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., except on official state holidays. Docket Control is located at 1200 West Washington Street,  Room 108, Phoenix, Arizona 85007.

  • What are the filing criteria? (i.e. How many copies of a document are required, etc.?)

    Current filing criteria apply:
    (1)  File the Original paper plus 13 copies. 

    (2)  All copies must be properly collated.
    (3)  The correct docket number must be on the first page of all copies of the filing.
    (4)  All documents must be filed using 8-1/2” x 11” paper.

    (5)  We do not accept filings that are sent via fax. Material and correspondence received via fax will not be docketed by Docket Control.  All documents must be submitted via mail or hand delivered to Docket Control in order for them to be verified, accepted and officially docketed with the Commission.

    REMINDER: ALL documents submitted for filing in Docket are public records and will be available and viewable for public inspection at Docket Control and on the internet. As such, we remind filers that it is their responsibility to ensure all information of a personal or confidential nature is submitted in redacted form. Please contact Docket Control with questions on how to provide confidential material.

  • How do I obtain copies of documents that have been filed in a docket?

    Documents accessed and available on eDocket can be printed via the Internet on your own equipment. If the documents are not available in eDocket or you are unable to print them, you may:

    • Visit Docket Control to make copies of the documents yourself (cost is 10 cents per page).
    • Request that Docket Control make copies for you by calling (602) 542-3477 (cost is 50 cents per page).
    • Fax is $1.00 per page (up to twenty).

  •          NOTE:  Please find and read the "Disclaimer" at the top of this document.

  • How much does Docket Control charge for plain and certified copies of documents?

    Copy Fees
    (1)  Customer Self-Copied - 10 cents per page
    (2)   Docket Control Staff Copied - 50 cents per page

    Certified Document Fees
    (1)   Certification Fee - $5.00
    (2)   Plus, the additional cost for Copies - 50 cents per page


    (1)  Docket Control accepts cash or check.  All checks should be made payable to the Arizona Corporation Commission.

    (2)  We do not accept credit cards.

  • Are hearing transcripts posted on eDocket?

    No. You may obtain up to 20 pages maximum of a hearing transcript through Docket Control.  If you need more than 20 pages of a transcript or the entire document, please contact Arizona Reporting Service at (602) 274-9944.

  • Lists of Regulated Companies

    Please see the ACC home page at http://www.azcc.gov/divisions/utilities/UTILITYLIST.asp.